Riley 500 6 Color 6 Station Press with XYZ Micro Registration

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SKU: # PRMA-RH500-66
$6,999.99Retail Price

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Ryonet’s NEW Riley 500 is the next evolution in heavy duty manual printing presses. With a sturdy, time-tested Riley Hopkins® construction and an exclusive compatibility with ROQ’s strong but featherweight honeycomb aluminum pallets, the Riley 500 can handle any print job while running at maximum manual speeds. Features like, tool-free off-contact adjustments and XYZ micro registration come standard and allow you to quickly setup and adjust your press with the same ease as any ROQ automatic screen printing press. If quality and innovation are your priorities, it’s time to get behind the wheel and drive the Riley 500 to the finish line and claim your victory.

The CNC-constructed base now has a larger, 3-inch diameter post for added strength, and even includes a storage area. The print station assembly is 25 percent lighter than the earlier models, while still supporting maximum press speeds.

Registration also has been made faster and simplified for speedier setup with left and right anti-flip/anti-backlash ROQ xyz micro-registration knobs. In addition, Riley 500 presses now have a bearing style versus a nylon bolt for easier locking into the registration gate. A two-point screen-locking system, unique to Ryonet, ensures continuous registration through a long print run and features a new grip clap surface.

There also are hardened steel registration blocks for longevity. Print heads now have a back center knob for tool-free off-contact adjustment and a front center knob for adjusting tilt, and there are right and left lever final tilt locks.

The Riley 500 comes standard with heavy duty back clamps or optional side clamps. We offer 4, 6, & 8, color models and is ideal for large-format applications. Presses come with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers all non wearable parts, non wearable components, and non wearable materials of new Riley Hopkins™ presses.

Product Details:
  • Sturdy, heavy duty, lightweight construction.
  • XYZ: Micro registration
  • Tool-Free adjustments
  • Honeycomb pallets
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty for Band Members (2-year limited warranty for non-members)

Riley 500 Options:

  • Configurations: 4x4, 6x6, and 8x8
  • Pallets: ROQ or ROQ compatible honeycomb aluminum
  • Side Clamps (Optional): Contact sales at 1-800-314-6390


Base Size:
35" x 35"

Platen Height: 37"

Platen Size: 16"x 24.5" Honeycomb pallets

Max Platen Size: 24" x 32"

Max Frame Size: 25" x 36"  (minimum 23" x 31" frame size)

Max Frame Size(every other): 42" x 48"

Color/ Stations: 6 color / 6 station

Note: Please contact sales for custom size platens

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Great addition to the shop!!!


This press is fantastic. We have been printing on it for a few months now and it really is a beast. Despite its size, it is very easy to assemble and set up. I love that it uses the same plattens as the Roq autos and that it uses the larger auto screens. the fact that I do not have to buy different screens and plattens is great and saves money. the micro registration is fast and secure, we have not had a job lose registration yet and I am confident that we won't have that issue. We got the 6x6 primarily because of the space restrictions in the area of the shop that it was going in. We needed a press that was no bigger than 10' dia. this fit the space perfectly. Rotation of the print heads and plattens is buttery smooth and the adjustable tension on the platten rotation detent is awesome.

<br>All in all, it is fantastic! If you are looking for a manual that will compliment your Roq autos or a beast of a press for a serious manual shop than the Riley 500 series press is the way to go!!

Amazing press - the quality is world class

by -

The Riley 500 is built like an Abrams tank but the with precision of a Swiss watch. When I assembled the press I was amazed at the fit and finish. The manufacturing quality shows through in every single piece that makes up this press. Everything fits together perfectly - and coming from someone who has worked in the manufacturing industry for decades, I appreciate attention to detail. But even beyond how amazing this press looks and feels, the ease of on press job setup is awesome. Seating the frame in the head, adjusting the off-contact, tilt, and X-Y, and how well this press holds registration is amazing. The Roq style palets are super easy to adjust and like the print heads, even the palet locking mechanism is precise. Overall I love this press. The investment will pay for itself over and over again. Go for quality.