Riley Hopkins Win 6 Color 4 Station Press with XY Micro Registration

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Riley Hopkins Win Series

The legacy and stable configuration for tens of thousands of screen printing shops throughout the last four decades, the Riley Hopkins Win Series Pedestal Manual Screen Printing Presses are built to last with a reputation and warranty to back them up.

Stout, precise, consistent, easy to operate, and fast to spin and print the Riley Hopkins WIN 6 color screen printing press is a great way to start and expand a legitimate screen printing business. With the ability to print small to XL prints up to 6 colors and 4 print stations for efficient screen print production on dark garments with flashes, the Riley Hopkins Win 6 color manual screen printing press can easily print hundreds of shirts a day and thousands of shirts a month.

Options and Configurations

While the press comes with standard 16x18” wood platens with a handy neck cutout there are a wide variety of platens available for sleeves, pockets, infant, youth, and XL prints. Riley Platen brackets are also available a la carte for custom platen creation. For platen longevity, many shops upgrade to Aluminum Screen Printing Platens which don’t warp over time with flash heat.

Joystick VS Micro Registration

With multiple registration options, The Riley Hopkins WIN screen printing press is the only press on the market to offer both joystick and X-Y micro options. The Joystick registration is a unique system that allows a press operator to move 360 degrees freely to quickly setup colors while traditional X-Y micros allow you to precisely dial in each color with X-Y dial movement. Which one is right for you? Check out this great blog post on Joystick vs. Micro.

Built for Your Growth

The Riley Hopkins WIN press is not just a perfect way to start a print shop but many times becomes a permanent fixture in the operation. Even as shops expand to larger manual presses like the Riley 500 for more colors and even more precision or upmarket to automation with the ROQ Automatics, the Riley WIN manual press is always handy to have around for jobs that need to be done quickly or overflow work while the larger presses may be running production. We even back the Riley Hopkins WIN with an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty so you can ensure this press could be your first and last manual screen printing press. 


  • Adjustable wheel detent system alleviates noise during rotation and allows for smooth transitions between print stations or faster print speeds.
  • Laser cut and formed assembly ensure uniform construction and increase stability.
  • Adjustable pedestal feet for secure placement on the print floor which allows for minimum platen deflection.
  • Tool Free Off Contact
  • Heavy Duty Springs
  • Expanded Registration Gate with Industry Strength Registration Bolts for precise printing from color to color
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty for Band Members (2-year limited warranty for non-members)


Tech Specs:

  • Diameter: 110.5"
  • Platen Height: 36"
  • Platen Size: 16"x16" w/ Neck
  • Max Frame Size: 23"x31"
  • Base Configuration: 10" Round Pedestal
  • Color/ Stations: 6 color / 4 station

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Worth every penny!


Have now had our Win 6/4 Micro for a few weeks and couldn't be more pleased with both the press and Ryonet! It arrived more pre-assembled (video assembly instructions must be for the last-gen presses) than expected (nice bonus) and what was left to do was simple with the well written instructions. We have printed almost 1000 images with the press since and the learning curve (again, the Ryonet videos are a BIG help) is very short. The registration this press holds is EXCELLENT and we even ran 150 pcs of a design (event sponsors) with text as small as 6 point and detail lines at 1 point that turned out perfectly! We did opt for the metal platen upgrade and highly recommend it, especially if your jobs involve a lot of flash curing. The reason Ryonet shines (yet again) is that, although packed beautifully, there was damage to a print arm requiring replacement of same. Ryonet's customer service team blew us away with their responsiveness and professionalism and the problem was resolved so quickly that, in our eyes, it never happened!

Thank you Ryonet and Riley-Hopkins for a great, American made product!

Tom Gorr

3 Penguins Limited

Graphic Design, Screen Printing, and Advertising Specialties