ROQ 3 Year Squeegee to Squeegee Warranty

Like many that are exploring the possibility of an automatic machine for their shop, one major concern is warranty and service. At Ryonet, this is our favorite topic of discussion as these are the same concerns we once had when deciding to switch our automatic equipment manufacturer to ROQ.

Today, we confidently offer the industry's best automatic press warranty and boast a network of technicians with customer service that is second to none.

3 Year Squeegee to Squeegee Warranty:

  • Parts and defects including squeegees, flood bars, pallets, and most other parts of the press.
  • Labor cost for technician's time
  • Travel associated with repair
  • 24/7 Toll-Free Support Line or Skype for diagnosing and resolving issues remote.

In a competitive market such as the automatic press industry, this warranty is simply unheard of. If something goes wrong we've got you covered at no cost for 3 whole years. Most replacement parts are stocked locally here in the US by Ryonet or can be found at many nationwide industrial supply companies. If your press isn't printing, that's no good for you or us. Issues are rare, but we take pride in doing everything in our power to keep our ROQ partners up and running.

Download ROQ Warranty PDF