Rubylith Printing Film 3 Mil Roll - 40"x300"

$129.99Retail Price

$129.99Retail Price








The Rubylith film is great for use in screen darkrooms. Rubylith blocks out UV rays while still letting natural light through into the room. It can be used to blockout windows and light fixtures to insure a light safe environment in your darkroom. Among other things Rubylith can also be used as a positive film when run through a vinyl plotter.
Instructions for Use w/ Plotter To Create Film Positives from Rubylith Film:
  1. Cut the rubylith off of the roll at an appropriate size to fit your plotter and your artwork
  2. Plot your stencil. Remember rubylith is thinner than vinyl so be sure to adjust the blade pressure on the plotter accordingly
  3. Weed the background leaving the positive image
  4. Your stencil is now ready for exposure

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