RyoCap Yudu Compatible Emulsion Sheet - 30 Micron - 10x15in Sheet

$4.99Retail Price

$4.99Retail Price








Ryonet is now the preferred supplier for aftermarket emulsion sheets for the Provo Craft Yudu™. RyoCap Sheets cost less and are easier to use than other emulsion sheets on the market. RyoCap works with plastisol inks for long runs and water based inks for short runs. Using pure photopolymer materials assures you an extended shelf life with minimal influences from heat and humidity, as well as the fastest possible exposure speed, good imaging properties, and on-press durability. The use of RyoCap Film offers significant savings in labor and production time over the use of direct emulsion to produce stencils of similar thicknesses.

NOTE:Priced per sheet

    Size: 10”x15” sheet

    Thickness: 30 micron

    Color: Pink*

    Quantity: 1 Sheet

    *Note - RyoCap Emulsion sheet does NOT change color while exposing like the Yudu™ sheets

    Exposure Time with Yudu™ Machine
    = 8 Minutes


    • Consistent stencil thickness
    • Control of ink deposit and ink costs
    • Fast exposure and processing
    • Significantly less labor and production time
    • High contrast/transparent pink color
    • Easy inspection and registration

    Application Instructions:

    Place the film, emulsion side up, on a raised pad and lay the dry degreased screen on top. Using a handheld spray water bottle, spray water onto the mesh until the film is completely wet. Squeegee off the excess water from the inside of the screen. Wipe water from the perimeter of the frame, then proceed to drying. Peel off the plastic carrier sheet when it's dry and allow the capillary film to stabilize for 5 to 10 minutes. This keeps the positive from peeling off on the film since the surface under the plastic carrier sheet is still semi-moist. Once exposed, wash gently as you normally would with a garden hose; avoid using a pressure washer unless it's absolutely necessary. Only use high pressure from the shirt side of the film.


    The current application instructions are for the roll versions as well as the sheet version.

    Helpful Hints to Ensure Your Stencils Last Longer Once Applied:

    To ensure a stronger, thicker stencil you can coat the inside of the screen using QTX or CCX photo polymer emulsion AFTER the screen is dried and the carrier sheet has been removed. This will give the screen a deeper ink well, which is great for high density and puff inks where edge resolution and thicker ink deposit are desired. Remember that the additional coating will add an average of 30 to 45 seconds on your exposure times. To ensure a lasting screen it's recommended (after covering pin-holes and coating the outside of the screen perimeter when it's dried) to expose again or leave the screen outside in the sun for a few moments to harden.

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