RyoMist Spray Adhesive Mist - 12 Can Case


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Earn $5.84/ea in Member Rewards » View details.
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Note:Canisters may be labeled as Top Bond Mist. The Top Bond Mist adhesive will have similar performance and the difference will be cosmetic only.

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RyoMist Spray Adhesive was specially formulated to securely adhere each garment or item to the platen or surface for ease of printing without leaving a sticky residue. Evenly coat platens with our RyoMist to avoid ghost-printing and mis-registration during the print process. This affordable mist adhesive is a must-have for your screen printing shop.

Please Note:
Aerosols and SR-97 can not ship via Air, as well as have a one year shelf life. 
    Features and Benefits:

    • Pressure sensitive.
    • Reposition-able.
    • Quick tack.
    • Non-transferable.
    • Flash resistant mist that holds up well under high heat.
    Size: 12 oz. Aerosol Can.

    Compare to: CCI Top Bond Mist, Camie 375, GSG Tex Mist, Albachem Mist Adhesive, Nazdar Mist,

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