The Amplifier Package ( Turn up your Experience )

$699 $1,159   40% Off Retail Price

$699 $1,159   40% Off Retail Price
The Ryonet Amplifier package is designed to get you up to speed with the education & support to kick your screen printing business into high gear.  

Ryonet Amplifier Includes: One-year of Ryonet Band Membership, One case of Allmade shirts, One "Made to Make It" book by Ryan Moor, One Online Design Class, and One Onsite Screen Print Experience Class.  

*** It's important to schedule & attend your Onsite SPE class within 3-months of purchase.  

There is a TON of value in this package, well over $1200+ in value, this Amplifier SAVES you money!

Get a Ryonet screen printing kit and your business cranked up to 11 with the Ryonet Amplifier Package.  

Ryonet Band Membership includes:

  • Free Shipping on Supply orders in contiguous U.S.
  • Reward Points back on all Plus products, which can then be used to purchase all items, including equipment. These Plus products are essential items for all screen-printers, such as Inks, Emulsion, Screens, Chemistry, etc. and are marked by a Plus Product logo in the top right corner
  • Business listing on Screen Printing Directory to get your shop in front of your customers.

But that’s not it! Here are some other VIP Perks:

  • When you are in The Band, you are eligible for the Ryonet Rental Program for Automated Equipment. 
  • Lifetime Warranty on the entire Riley press family. 
  • Business Consulting. This is an opportunity where you can schedule a time with experts in the screen printing industry who can assist you in the functionality and growth of your shop. 
  • Facebook Group specifically for Band Members to connect with one another. 
  • Exclusive invites to special events.

Allmade Early Access

The Ryonet Amplifier package includes a case of your first Allmade blank t-shirts.  Choose your variety of colors and styles for you to put a better shirt in the hands of your customers.  Along with your 1st case of shirts, you will be added to the Early Access list and get the ability to order wholesale (with valid resale certificate).    

The introduction of Allmade blank t-shirts will continue to be gradual to ensure that our quality and production values can be maintained and availability is continuous.

The Allmade Early Access program is intended to support the introduction of our product in this way. By gaining Allmade Early Access, you secure your position for access to inventory before it is generally available.

As we scale production, and demand of earlier access is fulfilled, we will gradually open up access to inventory to incremental Early Access. Once inventory is made available to you, you will have equal access to our supply flow along with all prior Early Adopters.

Included in the Early Access Program package is a marketing pack, and the first full case of shirts (72 count) once access to inventory is available.

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The On-Site Screen Print Experience Class Covers:

  • Basic artwork flow
  • Film output options
  • Choosing the right mesh for your project
  • Setting up a dark room
  • Choosing the right emulsion and properly coating your screen
  • Using a pre-registration template
  • Properly burning a screen
  • Screen washout techniques
  • How to register your job
  • Proper silk screen printing techniques
  • Clean-up techniques
  • Overview of creating artwork using Illustrator, Accurip, and Separation Studio
  • Spot color printing
  • Four color process (CMYK) printing
  • Simulated process printing
  • Foil applications
  • Discharge printing and mixing
  • Water based printing
  • Discuss printing on paper
  • Overview of different apparel types
  • Tips on business side of screen printing

Online Design Class 

With the Amplifer Package you get to choose one of the following online design classes

"Made To Make It" by Ryan Moor

Made To Make It

Screen printing is a crowded market, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room to innovate. This “how-to” book by Ryan Moor, founder of Ryonet, leading screen printing supplier and one of the top 1,000 e-commerce sites in the U.S., will teach you everything you need to know about how to escape the bloody waters and create some blue ocean in the screen printing industry.

Made to Make It: A Guide to Business Success in Screen Printing pulls from Moor’s experiences during his journey from garage entrepreneur to CEO, insights from Moor’s favorite business gurus, and key learnings from Ryonet’s customers

Whether your operation is big, small, online, or brick and mortar—Made to Make It has something for you. It’s your comprehensive guide on how to start, market, operate and grow a successful screen printing business of your own.

Made To Make It is your guide on how to: 

  • Set up your business and infrastructure
  • Choose and chart a course for the right team
  • Determine your pricing and channel strategy
  • Target and market to the right customers
  • Select materials, supplies, and equipment
  • Develop the right customer service processes
  • Build profitability and long-term financial security

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