International Shipping

Order through SPI

Ryonet has partnered with Screenprinting International (SPI) – who are based in the UK. SPI was established to enable screen printers around the World to easily get the equipment, supplies and knowledge needed to produce great looking print. SPI ships containers full of equipment and supplies from the US and beyond on a regular basis so they can offer free or low cost freight to your destination. International customers can now get Ryonet products shipped to them as quickly as next day in many Countries. SPI offer free shipping to most countries (some conditions apply) and will accept all international credit cards and paypal.

European customers

Prices on include freight from the US and import duties and brokerage fees, if you are a VAT registered company then you will not be charged VAT. All products sold by SPI are CE certified and ready for your local voltage.

Countries outside Europe

Prices on are based on shipping from the UK – SPI can arrange shipment by land, ocean, rail or air to your specific country. Shipping charges are clearly shown on their website for most popular countries.

Can SPI make special orders from Ryonet?

SPI strives to sell most of the top selling items that Ryonet sells, but its not possible to sell their entire product line because of logistics complexities. If you need something from Ryonet that is not listed on the SPI website then please contact them and they will arrange the shipment for you. SPI has a $500 order minimum for these shipments.

Ryonet is delighted to be working with Screenprinting International (SPI) – they are fully qualified to answer any of your questions on our products and can even arrange product training on Ryonet products.

More information on International shipping can be found in the FAQ’s section Here .

You can also email SPI at for more help.

Order through Ryonet

Our ability to ship our products around the world is limited. Here are our limitations:

  • • We are unable to process orders under USD 2,500.
  • • All products will be shipped via pallet & ocean freight only.
  • • Wire transfers is the only form of payment accepted.

Not all our products can be shipped outside of the USA. The products that are available are: ​Riley Hopkins presses, Green Galaxy inks and emulsions, Sgreen chemicals, Aluminum screens, Squeegees, Transparency film, Conveyor and flash dryers.

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