Ryonet Pre-Registration Board

$99.99Retail Price

$99.99Retail Price








Ryonet's Pre-Registration Boards are specifically designed to save time and ultimately money during the setup and exposure process. Film alignment is critical to quality work and optimal production. How many times have you had to re-burn screens, shim presses, and waste hours of your valuable time trying to force something to work? If the film had right placement from the very beginning, none of this would have been a problem. Use Ryonet's Pre-Registration Board to align your films before they ever get a chance to give you a headache. Throw away the tape measure and t-square and realize an easier path in registration!

  • No light table or light safe exposure unit needed
  • Light weight and durable for long lasting performance and mobility
  • Translucent to allow for light diffusion on top of an existing exposure unit or light table
  • Cleanable Surface (Windex Only)

  • Includes Easy to follow instructions
  • Specifically designed for 20x24" or 23x31" screens but will accommodate most screen sizes up to 25x36"
  • Standard 16x16"-18x24" Platen Sizes
  • Vertical Center Line for easy adjustment
  • Horizontal Lines for film height placement
  • Virtual Screen Clamp

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