Ryonet Screen Glue Kit with 1 Pound Adhesive and 8 Ounce Activator

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For those who are stretching their own screens. This kit comes with a two part Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (which is applied wet through the screen mesh onto the frame) and Activator (which is sprayed on to the adhesive to instantly bond the glue and harden). This includes 1 Lb of the adhesive and 8 Oz of the activator complete with an application nozzle and sprayer. This adhesive is a 50 weight which is good for most sizes of screen mesh and makes application easier than thinner weight glues.
Storage: Store in cool dark area. Shelf life: Up to 12 months if stored properly

1 review

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Glue works great and lasts awhile!


I just started screen printing when I bought this glue a little less than a year ago and I am just now running out. I make all of my own frames from wood then stretch the screen over them because it is a lot cheaper and I make a lot of small frames.


<br>This glue works great and has lasted a lot longer than I expected! I estimate that I've stretched over 200+ screens on around 5" x 16" frames and almost a year later the screen is still holding up fine on the frames.


<br> I've also stretched screen for friends and the glue seems to work just fine on metal frames as well. So if you're stretching your own frames, this glue works great and will last a lot longer than you think!