Sgreen Chemical Distribution System

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There comes a time in every screen printing shop that you need to be able to scale your production in one way or another. Ryonet's new Sgreen Chemical Distribution System enables a shop to scale reclaiming capacity. The ability to distribute chemicals quickly and efficiently means that you are spending less time refilling or squeezing a spray bottle, and more time getting screens reclaimed and back into production.

The Ryonet Sgreen Chemical Distribution System gives the printer the ability to work with drums of chems, no more mixing of small batches, making longer runs of reclaiming a reality. The Spray Guns in the Chem Distribution System have a much wider spray pattern in comparison to a spray bottle, resulting in faster and consistent coverage of chems. This all adds up to saving a ton of time, and we all know what time is...

Please contact the Ryonet Sales team if you are interested in learning how you can get a Sgreen Chemical Distribution System for just ordering your chemicals and consumables from Ryonet.

Other considerations:

  • Footprint space required for 1, 55gal-drum or 5gal container per gun/pump assembly, ideally located near the washout booth
  • New Chemical Resistant Plastic Barrels from Uline are recommended.
  • Do NOT use a metal Drum, (the chems will react with the metal and wreck them)
  • Caustic haze remover is not compatible with this system

What is included:

  • Ryonet Wall Mount: 1 to 4+ Pump Assembly Configurations available
  • 1 Pump per Assembly
  • 1 Spray Gun per Assembly
  • 1 Threaded Probe per Assembly
  • Chem Lines
  • Quick Fasteners
  • Dims: 35"L x 13"H x 6"W
  • Operating Pressure: 20-30 PSI
  • MAX Pump Discharge: 200 g/hr
  • Nozzle/Brush Type: Spray Gun

What is not included:
  • New 55gal Drum Chemical Resistant Containers From Uline.
  • Small Air Compressor or Dedicated Air Supply Line

Compatible Chemicals:

  • Industrial Press Wipe
  • Industrial Ink Degradent
  • Industrial Emulsion Remover
  • Industrial Degreaser
  • Sgreen Emulsion Remover
  • Sgreen Ink Degradent
  • Sgreen Supreme
  • Sgreen Degreaser

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