Sgreen Chemical Recirculation System

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The Sgreen Chemical Recirculation System has been designed with conservation of resources in mind. When it is possible for a shop to reduce, reuse, or recycle a component of production, it can have a dramatic positive effect on operating costs and overall profitability for a print shop. Ryonet is very excited to develop a system that will allow a shop to clean and reuse their chems, benefiting the printer's bottom line.

The Sgreen Chemical Recirculation System gives the printer the ability to load 30-gallons of degrader for ink removal from squeegees, flood bars, & screens. The system centers on the Sgreen Chemical Recirculation System paired with the Ryonet clean-out booth. The Sgreen Chemical Recirculation System's reservoir of chemicals are filtered for real time use for the operator to work with, and they are dispersed onto a surface needing ink removal. The chem and ink are then collected, separated, filtered, and then reintroduced to the reservoir for use again via Air Operated Equipment. The Sgreen Chemical Recirculation System effectively stretches the life of degrader saving on a consumables used and operating costs.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 21"W x 33"L x 20"H
  • 30 Gallon Tank with Separators, running chem volume of 15 gallons at a time.
  • Brush Type: Bristled Flow-Through Wash Brush
  • 10" Cartridge, 75 Micron Filter
  • Air Connector Type: Operating Pressure: 20-30 PSI, standard quick connect
  • MAX Pump Output: 200 g/hr
  • Warranty

Not Included: - Small air compressor

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