Ryonet WBP Dual Cure Water Based Plastisol Hybrid Emulsion - Gallon

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WBP is a hybrid emulsion, specially formulated to provide the best characteristics of dual cure plastisol emulsion with water resistant properties. If you're printing a lot of water-based and discharge while maintaining a regular plastisol printing practice, this emulsion is for you. The hybrid qualities allow you to use it as your regular printing, no matter what ink you are using! WBP emulsion has the same durability as more specialized water-resistant emulsions, but is easier to use and faster to reclaim. Save yourself time and frustration by using WPB for all your plastisol and water-based printing needs.

NOTE: This emulsion comes with a bottle of Diazo.

Features and Benefits

  • Easier to use and reclaim than SWR-3
  • Great for medium to long runs of plastisol, water-based and discharge ink
Size: Gallon

Active Additive: Diazo

Color: Red


Before use, Diazo must be added and allowed to activate emulsion. First, add room temperature water to the Diazo mixture and agitate. Once dissolved, add the water and Diazo solution into the emulsion and mix throughly. Allow the emulsion to stand for at least 30 minutes to ensure any air bubbles introduced during mixing are released. Use the entire bottle of Diazo for the entire container of emulsion, the ratio has been specially selected for proper chemistry. Once the Diazo has been mixed it is ready for use. Reclaiming WBP is easy and works with most stencil removers or reclaimers that are available in concentrate and ready-to-use formulas. Follow proper instructions for reclaiming.

General Exposure recommendations:

  • 500 Watt Halogen - 12-13 minutes
  • Unfiltered UV Black light - 4-5 Minutes
  • Metal Halide - 250-280 Light Units
Shelf Life:

  • Unmixed: 10-12 months
  • Mixed: 2-3 months
Helpful Hints to Ensure Your Emulsion Lasts Longer Once Mixed:

  • Always use distilled water to mix the Diazo sensitizer.

  • Keep in a cool area, emulsion will break down much faster in heat. Keeping emulsion in a fridge can help to give a slightly extended shelf life, however, emulsion that has gotten to the point of freezing will no longer work properly and must be replaced.
  • Keep the emulsion lid on tight to preserve air and light leaks.

  • Gently mix the emulsion each time before use to help extend the life.
  • For long runs over 1,000 shirts - use CCI Harden X or another hardener to extend the life of your stencil.

  • To ensure best results, date your emulsion once mixed and keep an extra container on hand once the emulsion is about to expire*

*Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can cause emulsion to expire more quickly.

Compare to: WR-14

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Best All Round Emulsion


I was tired of having several types of Emulsion for different applications. The WBP Hybrid is great for eliminating multiple products and having to remember different technics for each one. High Solid content ensures great 1/1 coverage without drips, runs and mess. Perfect adhesion, exposure and hassle free washouts. WBP has saved me time and money in reclaiming bad burns as well as good ones. Thanks Ryonet.

Excellent Emulsion


I only use water based ink and cleaners, otherwise my mother would beat me with her hippy stick. This stuff is absolutely killer. If you're using water based and switching to this emulsion, expose it for a bit longer. The thing I hate the most is reclaiming screens. This has lowered my frustration levels by far. Easy to reclaim, good half tones. Love it.

Why buy anything else?


Great coverage and it dries fast. Leaves few pinholes. Easily washes out and reclaims well too. I can't find a single thing wrong with it.

wbp Emulsion


Love it always get crisp clear screens. easy to remove holds up good. I print with both plasitol and waterbased as well as some acrylic once in a while. This emulsion does great for all

Good all around emulsion.

by -

Excellent quality emulsion. The price is on par. This emulsion is very pliable on the mesh and will not crack from too much pressure like some of the other emulsions i've used. Moved up to this from Murakami SP-1400 which would crack where the edge of my squeegee meets the screen. WBP hybrid emulsion solved that problem. You can literally fold a WBP coated mesh in half, crease it and it will not crack!