Ryonet White Discharge Ink - Quart

$24.99Retail Price

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$24.99Retail Price

Earn $2.49/ea in Member Rewards » View details.









After extensive market and beta testing Ryonet Discharge is out performing the competition and saving screen printers time and money. Find out for yourself why customers are saying our new Ryonet Discharge lasts longer in production, penetrates the garment better, prints through higher mesh, feels better after production and creates an overall more consistent print versus previous discharge inks used in the past. Our unique formula for Ryonet Discharge & Ryonet White Discharge looks and feels more like an ink than a water based discharge. Once you open the container your can immediately tell Ryonet Discharge is creamier, has more body, and looks brighter than any other discharge you may have used in the past. Find out for yourself what customers are raving about with Ryonet’s new Ryonet Discharge and Ryonet White Discharge.

Note: Ryonet Discharge must be activated with Ryonet Discharge Agent to print.