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Saati HR9 Haze Remover

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$46.08Retail Price


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Ready-Use Haze Remover Paste


Removes stains, haze, ghost images from mesh for screen recycling.


  • ‹‹‹‹Powerful fast acting gel works in minutes
  • ‹‹‹‹One part, ready to use formula removes the toughest stains
  • ‹‹‹‹Low odor during use with pressure washer


  • ‹‹‹‹Fast and easy application with stainless steel scoop coater
  • ‹‹‹‹Non-drip and works only where applied
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1000 characters isn't enough to express how much I LOVE this haze remover!


Thick, works quickly (5 minutes on a dry screen), and does the job so well that my screens with years worth of stains look brand new! I've tried countless other products that claim to be haze removers, but Saati's are the only ones that actually live up to their name.


<br>Didn't damage the mesh, and stayed put on the screen instead of dripping down into the frame and possibly messing up the glue.


<br>It doesn't have a strong smell, but make sure to be adequately protected, as this stuff is powerful. You do not want it in your lungs, on your skin, or in your eyes.


<br>Only one minor con: I couldn't apply it with a scoop coater as suggested, because I must have gotten an extra thick batch. It does go on fine when applied to a scrubber, though (and it cleaned my scoop coater really well!).


<br>Thanks for stocking Saati products, Ryonet! They never disappoint. Please continue to carry this product!