Riley Hopkins Screen Printing Platen Kit

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$289.99Retail Price

SKU: # PLAC-10005KRH
$289.99Retail Price
Print on any size of shirt quickly and easily by simply changing out to the right platen.

NOTE: This platen kit includes brackets that only fit our Riley Hopkins manual presses.  

  • Standard Neck Platen - 16x16".
  • Youth Neck Platen - 14x14".
  • Infant Neck Platen 10x10".
  • Leg Platen/ Sleeve Platen 4x22".
  • Ryonet Pocket Pro for pockets and koozies.

1 review

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Check every platen and all the parts ASAP

by -

This was a pretty good deal.


<br>One problem I had was that the holes under the platen where the bracket is attached were stripped. Unfortunately I did not check them all before my 30 day return time was up so I will have to buy a whole new platen if I want to use that one.


<br>Overall these are worth the purchase just make sure you check them out thoroughly as soon as you get them.