Sgreen Adhesive Water Based Pallet Adhesive - Quart

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$21.99Retail Price

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Sgreen® Adhesive is an eco-friendly water based pallet adhesive, designed to be used as an alternative to conventional aerosol spray mist. Used in concentrate or diluted form, Sgreen® Adhesive creates a secure non-permanent bond between the substrate and pallet during screen printing, while allowing for easy removal without leaving residue. Sgreen® Adhesive is a heat resistant pallet adhesive, and can be used with or without flash curing.

  • Environmentally safe.
  • Non-hazardous.
  • Water based adhesion for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Won't leave residue on garments.
  • Specially formulated for pallet adhesion.
  • Heat-resistant, and air-drying


  1. Clean area to be treated, apply Sgreen® Adhesive by brush, spray, roller or plastic ink card. Use full strength or dilute one part product with up to one part water.
  2. When using in a spray application, apply in a quick smooth "S" pattern covering the entire surface. Spray with a hand held spray bottle, electric spray gun or air operated unit.

Compare to: Probond, Texmar tb-10, Top Bond, Chromaline Textac, Albatross, Safe-t-tack, Albatross Brush-tac, Textac

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