Sgreen Stuff Dehazer and Degreaser - Quart

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Sgreen® Stuff is an aggressive but environmentally friendly dual action dehazer and degreaser designed to remove the toughest ink haze from leftover plastisol, water based and discharge inks. Sgreen® Stuff leaves your fabric free of all oils and contaminants and reduces the occurrence of pinholes to allow for better adhesion of your emulsion. The unique abrasive pumice additive deep cleans mesh for superior screen clarity and cleans mesh stains with less noticeable odor while working more efficiently than most hazardous stain removers. With Sgreen® Stuff you save both time and money, by combining the last two steps of screen reclamation into one and reducing the number of chemicals you need in your reclamation process.

  • Environmentally safe.
  • Non-hazardous.
  • Non-offensive, low odor for easy breathing.
  • Dual-action cleaning: Degrease and dehaze in one step.
  • Super powerful formula made to finish the cleaning and reclaiming process in less time.
  • Leaves fabric free of all oils and contaminants, and prevents pinholes which slow down your process.
  • Abrasive pumice additive deep cleans mesh for superior screen clarity.
Instructions For Use: 

  1. Before use: Remove all ink residue and emulsion from the screen.
  2. Apply product on the ink side of a wet screen.
  3. Agitate on both sides of the screen with a brush or pad and set aside for approximately four minutes (up to 10 minutes will achieve better results for tough stains).
  4. Rinse first with low pressure then high pressure water, spraying from bottom to top on print side of the screen. Reverse screen and rinse with high pressure, then use low pressure water and flood-rinse the entire screen. Allow screen to dry before coating.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash thoroughly after handling chemical.

FIRST AID: Eyes: Flush for 15 minutes, seek medical attention if irritation persists. Swallowed: Drink large quantities of water and get immediate medical attention. Skin: Wash with soap and water, seek medical attention if irritation occurs. FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Store away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not freeze. This product is biodegradable.

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8 reviews

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Smells Like Apples!


We use this now instead of easily 701 for dehaze/degrease. Our wash booth is always pleasant smelling now. You've got to work it in a little better than harsh chemicals and let it sit for a few moments to remove all haze, but overall its much more pleasant than the other products we've tried. Not much waste either because it has a "gel" like texture and isn't as runny as traditional dehaze/degrease.



The Green Stuff is amazing, our labor rate is down another hour for 12 screens---wish we had it sooner--love the smell vs the gagging from the other!

This stuff rocks.


I've used other dehazers before, I saw this did everything in one step, Dehaze AND degrease and I was sold to try it. I had screens that were never dehazed from months and months ago and this even cleaned those incredibly. It didn't remove the haze completely from them but did one heck of a job on what was there considering how long it sat for! Plus it smells pretty good too and doesn't eat away at the glue on your screens like other brands!

Green Stuff Dehazer


They should call this Great Stuff instead of Green Stuff! It really works! After using Emulsion remover (CCI Er-35), I run a small bead of this stuff on each side of the screen and give it a good rub down using a scouring pad. Rinse, and whalla! The ghosting is gone! My screen looks brand new every time.<br><br>Pros: Great smelling - no harsh chemicals here, easy on skin, environmentally friendly and it works!<br><br>Cons: Make sure to shake the bottle well before using! The liquid contains small abrasive beads which settle to the bottom of the bottle over time. Shake it up and you're good to go!

I swear by this stuff!


I'm a believer in this stuff! It rescued 3 screens recently that were beyond coming back from bad ghosting. This stuff made them essentially brand new screens again. A little does the trick too, so the yield out of the bottle makes it a super good value.

Didn't like the dispensing system and thickness


This is the first time I've met a ryonet product I didn't love. This dehazer is thick like a gel rather than a liquid so you can't spray it on. This feature slowed down my reclamation process compared to the spray.


<br>I found that lingering ghosting remained after use. When I sprayed on my old degazer afterward, the remaining ghosting went away. This told me the gel wasn't quite as effective.


<br>It smells nice and gets screen fairly clean but I disliked having to shake and squeeze the bottle through a small nozzle (much like using a squeeze bottle of ketchup).

Works great!!!

by -

This stuff is great. I didn't have crazy haze but I had a few retentionable frames with emulation stuck from underexposing and ink staining. I followed the 10 min instructions and they look good as new!!! I'm super happy with it, it wasn't stinky either!