Screen Printing Kits and Packages

Ready to start screen printing? Need a new printing package to take you to the next level? We have kits for ambitions of every size.

DIY Print Shop Kits

Great for beginner screen printers, entrepreneurs, artists, hobbyists, and crafters.

DIY Print Shop Kits, include everything you need to screen print, and are great for the beginner level screen printer. DIY Print Shop Kits are great for home use too. Right out of the box, DIY Print Shop Kits are packed full of all the screen printing tools required for setting up a small screen printing studio, to screen print posters, t-shirts, apparel, plus more. With DIY Print Shop kits, you can start a company, and make screen prints from start to finish.

Riley Hopkins Packages

Great for experienced level screen printers, business owners, and professionals.

Riley Hopkins Packages, are great for the experienced screen printer looking to set-up a real professional screen printing shop. The packages include all the screen printing equipment needed to screen print larger quantity, commercial jobs with ease. The Riley Hopkins Packages are equipped with the pro screen printing tools for those looking to start a fine-tuned, full-on screen printing business.