Ryonet Solid-Loc System Pro Kit - 21x24in

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$1,469.99Retail Price








The Ryonet® Solid-Loc system has everything you need to start stretching and re-stretching your own high quality screens. This startup kit includes all of the main components in our Solid-Loc System for a packaged and affordable price.

This Kit Includes:

  • 18: 21"x24" Solid-Loc Frames
  • 8: 110 white mesh panels
  • 10: 160 yellow mesh panels
  • 10: 200 yellow mesh panels
  • 10: 305 yellow mesh panels
  • Solid-Loc Tool Kit, Extra Stretcher Strip and UHMW Angle

“Super tight screens! It's much easier to store mesh panels than 18 screens you don't need to use at the time. They become very easy to re-stretch after you do it a few times and way easier than Roller Frames ever are. They are much more beneficial than static frames! They will print better and cleaner over static every time. Because the tension is so consistent almost to the very edge, we printed full back and full front on the same screen for one shirt. I'm pretty sure you'll love Solid-Loc™ as much as I do. ”

Alex Alves - Shirt Bakery

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