IC Spot Process #6 Green Ink for Separation Studio - Gallon

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SKU: # IKPL-7816LF-G
$35 $79.99   56% Off
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With Separation Studio and Ryonet's Spot Process Ink you can now print simulated process designs on light or dark garments consistently with outstanding results.

The great aspect to printing separations created using Spot Process Separation Studio is using high-quality inks on press. From their ease of use to the brightness they deliver, the results are sharper, cleaner and more vibrant when compared to cmyk translucent inks. Additionally, they deliver a soft-hand feel not the bullet-proof feel that is sometimes associated with other forms of printing or through other solutions. The stock colors associated with this software are PMS matches of the RGB light spectrum colors. You will appreciate having a standard and relatively small set of inks for printing all of your Separation Studio designs. These colors are spectral and are excellent choices for all your printing needs.

  • Ink Type: Plastisol
  • Recommended Screen Mesh: 230
  • Recommended Tension: 18+ Neutons
  • Recommended Halftone Frequency/LPI: 45
  • Recommended Squeegee: 70 Durometer
  • Cleanup: Screen Wash 147


  • #1 White Base White Ryonet White reduced 10-20% with Curable Reducer or Softhand Base
  • #1.5 Black Black - Ryonet Black
  • #2 Spot Process Red
  • #3 Spot Process Blue
  • #4 Spot Process Gold
  • #5 Spot Process Purple
  • #6 Spot Process Green
  • #7 Spot Process Turquoise
  • #8 Spot Process Cool Gray
  • #9 Top White Ryonet White reduced 10-20% with Curable Reducer or Softhand Base

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