Ryonet Spot Process Separation Studio Screen Printing Educational DVD


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Spot process screen printing is one of the most popular styles of screen printing. However, many printers don't even know how to approach a spot process print, let alone create the best print possible. This DVD covers spot process printing and how to achieve a world class print by optimizing every step of the process. If you've ever considered spot process printing but are unsure where to start or if you're not happy with the spot process printing you're doing and want to take your printing to the next level, this DVD is for you.
Chapters Include
  1. Welcome
  2. The Background Behind Spot Process
  3. Artwork for Spot Process Printing
  4. Discussing Screens
  5. The Screen from Process
  6. Analyzing Your Screen
  7. Screen Washout
  8. Pre-Registration
  9. Printing Prep
  10. Ink Selection
  11. Mixing White Base
  12. The Printing Process
  13. Squeegee Selection
  14. Print Set Up
  15. Printing Black Shirts
  16. Auto Printing
  17. Conclusion

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