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Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder - up to 13in wide film sheets

$99.99Retail Price

$99.99Retail Price
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Greater productivity for desktop inkjets is here thanks to the engineering of Freehand Graphics (creators of AccuRIP Black Pearl and Spot Process Separation Studio)!

The ditto SOLVES A COSTLY PROBLEM. Loading just film one sheet at a time is a waste of time. No longer attend to each color in a separation. Babysitting film output for a desktop printer such as an 1100, 1110, 1390, 1400, 1410, 1430, 1500W, 1800, 1900, R2400, R2880, and L1300 is a thing of the past. With thousands sold it sells at its lowest cost in years due to volume.

Load up to 8 sheets of film for unattended printing. Films will NOT stick due to static electricity or jam during output. The ditto gives you back hundreds of hours of productivity each year. Simply load the film, manage the output options ONCE, print, walk away, and your multi-page separation is printed while you are using your time in a much more productive way.

*Consumer Note: The Ditto Inkjet Film Feeder works great with AccuRIP Black Pearl Software and Ryonet Rite Film™ - other efficient output solutions.

Ditto's popularity is attributed to these key factors:

  • Solves an ongoing and costly production problem
  • Gives users back hundreds of hours of production time
  • Works with any RIP and the Epson Driver
  • Easy to attach - available for several Epson Desktop Inkjet Models
  • Sturdy construction, no moving parts to break, built to last
  • Created by the trusted developers of AccuRIP, All Black Ink, and Spot Process
  • Affordable purchase price


Films stick together - preventing you from loading multiple film sheets into the Epson's stock tray designed for paper feeding.


Simply attach the ditto film feeder, load up to 8 sheets of film, and start saving! Accepts all film widths supported by the printer.

Do I need a specific RIP?

No, because the ditto inkjet film feeder attaches directly to your Epson Inkjet it doesn't matter what software you use for producing your films, although we hope you use AccuRIP!

No Tacky Films Allowed!

The ditto inkjet film feeder works by keeping films separated and then feeding individual sheets. For true unattended printing with quality results work with the great film brands many of our distributors offer. Stay away from the slow drying non waterproof films. The slightly lower upfront cost is misleading, They create higher production cost, lower quality films and will stick together after printing. Waterproof films dry faster, last longer and produce a superior image.

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