Transal Premium Hot Peel Plastisol Transfer Paper - 15x15in 25 Pack

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What do we mean by premium? Over the years, many plastisol formulas have been modified by their manufacturers to deal with new environmental issues. In response, 1 Step Papers' chemists took these new formulas and created a new coating for their premium transfer paper, this time with an easier release than ever before. In addition to the same dimensionally stable base that customers have always demanded for their high speed equipment, these changes also helped to reduce the overall chemical and manufacturing costs involved in making the paper. Transal Premium Transfer Paper is now more environmentally friendly and effective than ever!

Transal Premium works well with all plastisol and puff inks, but is not recommended for use with water based inks.

Transal Premium is a hot peel 90% release paper.

Directions for Use

After ink has been powdered with transfer adhesion powder and gel cured, heat press to 330-350 degrees F for about 8-10 seconds. Must be peeled when hot.

In order to achieve proper adhesion to the garment, when using transfer paper you will also need to use transfer adhesion powder. This powder is applied to the plastisol ink before the transfer is gel-cured. The powder is inexpensive, easy to use and goes a long way.

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