Ulano QX-5 Blue Emulsion - Gallon


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QX-5 Blue is a universal, ready-to-use, fast-exposing SBQ-photopolymer direct emulsion. Its relatively high viscosity (5000 cps) and solids content (41%) result in better mesh bridging on coarse mesh, and fast drying. Its high contrast blue color affords easy stencil inspection. QX-5 Blue is resistant to a wide variety of solvent-based inks, making it easy to reclaim in automatic stencil removal equipment or by hand. Stencils made with QX-5 Blue are extremely durable and will not become tacky under high humidity conditions. QX-5 Blue is formulated to reduce stencil-making time (coating, drying, and exposure) for high-volume shops.

Container Size: Gallon

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