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Ulano Cut Green Adhered Stencil Film - 52x300in Roll

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$279.99Retail Price
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UlanoCUT Green is a knife-cut stencil coating that "sticks back" to the 300-gauge polyester backing film for easy corrections. It is adhered to screen mesh with plain water, and is compatible with all inks that don't contain water.

Knife-cut, also called hand-cut films, consist of two layers. The bottom layer is a sheet of clear polyester, the top layer a thin emulsion coating. The type of coating depends on how the film will be used.

Stencil films become the actual stencil for what you are printing. When dry, the screen can go straight onto the press. No exposure unit required. After being cut and weeded, they are bonded to the mesh by being partially dissolved by either water or a chemical solvent and being pressed into the mesh.
Instructions For Use
  1. Prepare the mesh: Used or surface-treated mesh need only be degreased using Screen Degreaser. New mesh that is not surface treated should be abraded. Abrading the mesh increases the surface area for a better bond of the stencil. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. Cut and peel the film: Cut on a hard surface with only the artwork between the film and the work surface. Use a sharp blade to cut the film as a dull blade will tear the film, causing poor edge definition. Use a tool other than your knife and place it slightly inside the cut line on the emulsion surface to be stripped. Push the film away from the cut line and raise a small portion of the emulsion from the backing material, gradually enlarging the raised area until it can be grasped between the forefinger and the "blade" of the peeling tool. Peel away the film.
  3. Adhere the stencil: Using a clean sponge, thoroughly wet both sides of the mesh with water. Place the emulsion side of the cut and peeled stencil against the bottom of the wet screen. Using light pressure, move a wet sponge over the entire surface of the plastic backing to adhere the film to the mesh.
  4. Dry the stencil, apply screen filler and remove backing sheet; Wait 2 - 3 minutes after adhering the stencil, then lift the frame for drying. Drying time can be reduced by using a cool air fan. Do not dry the stencil in or near heat. When the mesh surrounding the film is dry and before the stencil is dry, with the plastic support still in place, you can apply a screen filler or blockout to the open area of the screen from the printing side of the mesh. Ideally, the stencil and the filler will dry together, forming a tight "knit" along edges. After the stencil and blockout have both dried completely, peel off the plastic support. If there is any resistance when peeling, dry the screen longer.
  5. Stencil removal: Remove all ink from the screen with the ink solvent recommended by the ink manufacturer as soon after printing as possible. Degrease with a screen degreaser to remove remaining residues of the ink and ink solvent from the surface of the stencil. Rinse the stencil with hot or cold water from both sides of the mesh to remove the stencil.

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