Washout Booth Stand and Screen Holder - 35in

$59.99Retail Price

$59.99Retail Price
Ryonet's new Econo Washout Stand makes prepping and cleaning screens a much easier process. It's important that a screen is degreased properly in order for the emulsion to adhere to the mesh. Most washout sinks don't have anything to hold the screen out of the water. Unfortunately this allows for dirty water to splash up into the screen during the degreasing process. This can cause dark spots, fish eyes, or pin holes in your emulsion which can make your screen hard to use.

Ryonet now offers a simple solution: the Econo Washout Stand. This stand easily fits into your washout sink and holds the screen up out of the dirty water! Though simple, it is durable and built for long term use and holds the screen tight during pressure washing and cleaning!

  • PVC frame with swiveling legs so shipping and storage can be as compact as possible.
  • Stainless steel grid which allows water to fall through the stand and down the drain.
  • Rust FREE design.

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