Wilflex Epic Rio Maxi Color Mixing System - Gallon Kit (PC Compatible)

$999.99Retail Price

SKU: # IKPL-KT90000191KT
$999.99Retail Price

Wilflex™ Epic Rio Color Mixing System is a non-phthalate color mixing system from Wilflex, and it’s been designed with the latest pigment technology for optimum color strength. PANTONE® approved EPIC Rio boasts an extended color range of 18 finished ink mixing components. Together, these provide a perfect balance of color accuracy, vibrancy and opacity for peak press performance and color design. Are you on a mission to wipe out too-thick and dull colors? See what EPIC Rio can do for your prints.


  • Colorful – vibrant colors that pop.
  • Accurate – best in class Pantone matches.
  • Opaque – get to color on press faster and achieve greater flexibility in mesh sizes, print strokes and direct printing.
  • Creamy Inks – manual or automatic press, press ready, no need to slow down print stroke.
  • Matte finish.
  • Wet-on-wet printing.
  • Simple – finished ink mixing system, easy mixing, easy matching, easy printing.
  • Consistent – short run, long run, color to color and batch to batch consistent.


Included Wilflex Epic Rio Color Mixing Kit:
  • EPIC Rio Deep Black 
  • EPIC Rio Blaze Orange 
  • EPIC Rio Red 
  • EPIC Rio Barberry Maroon 
  • EPIC Rio Majestic Magenta 
  • EPIC Rio Deep Violet 
  • EPIC Rio Midnight Blue 
  • EPIC Rio Aquamarine 
  • EPIC Rio Indigo Blue 
  • EPIC Rio Forest Green 
  • EPIC Rio Sunshine Yellow 
  • EPIC Rio Golden Yellow 
  • EPIC Rio Electric Yellow 
  • EPIC Rio Electric Blue 
  • EPIC Rio Electric Purple 
  • EPIC Rio Electric Red 
  • EPIC Rio Electric Pink
  • 5 Gallon Pail of Mixing White

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