Wilflex Epic Top Score Pink Hope Plastisol Ink

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$57.49 to $126.49

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Wilflex™ Epic Top Score is a series of premixed athletic colors designed to meet the changing demands in the athletic market by delivering a solution for printing on polyester substrates that require low cure temperature.


  • Non-phthalate.
  • Compliant with CPSIA 2008 (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) Section 101, lead content in substrates (<100 ppm lead), 16 CFR, part 1303, lead in paint (<90 ppm lead) and CPSIA 2008, Section 108, Phthalates (<.1% DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, DNOP).
  • Epic series: Eco-passport certified (oeko-tex).


For optimal bleed resistance, print Wilflex Epic PolyWhite, the most bleed-resistant white in the Wilflex line. As under base. Set the dryer belt at the highest possible speed while still ensuring that the ink film reaches 300°F (149°C). For an optimal stretch, print Epic Performance White as under base. Set the dryer belt at the highest possible speed while still ensuring that the ink film reaches 290°F (143°C).

Building a thick ink deposit on the polyester substrate provides additional bleed blocking power. To accomplish this. Use the following coating screen method with a wet-on-wet application: 1) Coat print side; 2) Coat squeegee side; 3) Coat print side; 4) Coat squeegee side. Always end coating on the squeegee side to push the emulsion to the print side. Dry screens with the print side facing the floor.

If printing on a hard metal surface, use a palette covering to allow for a softer printing surface. Polyester fabrics are likely to have dye migration issues and may require the use of additional bleed blocker. Such as Epic Performance Underbase Gray. To determine a material's bleed potential. Please reference the testing procedures outlined in the Wilflex User Manual.

Curing Instructions:

Flash at 220°F (105°C) and cure at 290°F (143°C).

Clean Up:

Ink degradent or press wash.

Storage Information:

Store at 65-90°F (18-32°C), avoiding direct sunlight. Use within one year of manufacturing date.

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Honor pricing please?


So on the previous page it says starting at $39.99 but on this page it says $49.99. Is there anyway you guys would honor that pricing of $39.99 on a quart? I know its only $10 but I bid out a job based on the $39.99 and now this changes things for my business a little bit. I am ordering regardless but I would be a lot more satisfied if the pricing is honored for me.