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Wood Screen with 200 Yellow Mesh - 20x24in

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Ryonet provides high quality wood pre-stretched screens in various sizes and mesh counts. All wood frames are made and stretched here in the USA, ensuring a strong structure and durable life. Wood screens are an affordable solution for beginning screen printers and printers looking to create permanent or long term designs in their screens. For longest life, wood screens should be cleaned with press wash and limited in-sink washing. Do not use in dip-tanks.

Best Mesh for the Job:

200 mesh screens are great for printing more detailed prints that need a thinner layer of ink to be laid down than a 156. They work very well with thinner inks and are a good middle-range mesh size. The yellow color prevents light from reflecting through the threads of the mesh and keeps a sharper image when burning.
Size: 20” x 24”

Material: Wood Frame

Mesh: 200

Color: Yellow Mesh

Printable Area: <14x18

Scoop Coater Size: 16"

Max Squeegee Size:

Made in the USA

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Total rip off, worst screens I have ever bought.

by -

These are the worst screens I have ever bought in my 25 years in the industry.

<br>Thought they were a great deal at first, bought a couple to try them out.

<br>Everything was great for a good while so I bought a good stock of them.

<br>But then a few months later they literally start falling apart.

<br>It's like they used Elmers glue to hold these things together!

<br>I used these screens for cataloged designs so they have never been overly exposed to water. The glue used to hold the fabric in place along with the joints of the frame have all started to come apart with extremely limited use!

<br>Screens are your tools, I always treat them well and are very careful with them. But these are trash, no matter how well you treat them or how little use they see you will be replacing them after a few months.

<br>I hate writing negative reviews, but now that I am out quite a chunk of change having to replace these horrible things figured I would try and save someone else the headache and costs.