Wood Screen with 230 Yellow Mesh - 20x24in

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Ryonet provides high quality wood pre-stretched screens in various sizes and mesh counts. All wood frames are made and stretched here in the USA, ensuring a strong structure and durable life. Wood screens are an affordable solution for beginning screen printers and printers looking to create permanent or long term designs in their screens. For longest life, wood screens should be cleaned with press wash and limited in-sink washing. Do not use in dip-tanks.

Best Mesh for the Job:

230 mesh screens are great for high-end fine detail printing. A 230 mesh can hold halftones very well and also lets a little more ink through then a 305 mesh. The yellow color prevents light from refracting through the threads of the mesh and keeps a sharper image when burning.
Size: 20” x 24”

Material: Wood Frame

Mesh: 230

Color: Yellow Mesh

Printable Area: <14x18

Scoop Coater Size: 16"

Max Squeegee Size:

Made in the USA

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