IC Enhanced Reflective Plastisol Ink with 8 Ounce Optilux Coupler - Gallon


SKU: # IKPL-507-G
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International Coatings Company™ is excited to introduce its new Optilux™ 507 Enhanced Reflective Direct Print ink. The Optilux™ 507 Enhanced Reflective combines the appearance of a superior silver metallic shimmer during the daylight hours with the enhanced visibility of a reflective ink in low light situations when exposed to a direct light source.

All our Optilux™ Reflectives contain innovative microscopic glass beads that reflect light similar to a mirror , thus making Optilux™ the brightest reflective product of its kind in the market. The retro-reflectivity of the product is best displayed when a garment printed with Optilux™ is exposed to a focused beam of light, such as that from a flashlight or an automobile headlight. The glass beads then reflect or return light back to the light source.

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