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FN-INK Plastisol Screen Printing Ink

FN-INK Mixing System

FN-INK™ helps screen printers that don’t have a lot of extra time or money get the most out of their plastisol inks, bolstering productivity and saving money in the process.

FN-INK™ is a non-phthalate, ready-to-use plastisol ink that works great right out of the bucket, and is not a big financial hit to the wallet. FN-INK™ was designed by screen printers, for screen printers to be easy to work with. The FN-INK™ line includes 15-ready-to-use colors.

The ready-to-use classic line also makes up the FN-INK™ Mixing System. Printers can bring art to life with an endless amount of colors. Or, they can continue using ink straight from the bucket if a customer doesn’t request a Pantone color. No need to have buckets of ink taking up all your shelves. With one system, you’re covered. Check out the formulas on FN.INK.

The fact that FN-INK™ easily cures at lower temperatures (260 degrees) means shops can see real gains in production. Financially Necessary Ink was manufactured to be a great ink at a great retail price, day in and day out. Giving printers the peace of mind that their hard earned dollars are getting the best ROI with this FN-INK™.