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Find all of the screen printing supplies, equipment and education you need at Ryonet. We are committed to providing quality materials to help any screen printer bring their ideas to life easily and affordably. Ryonet provides silk screening products to meet the needs of screen printers, from large businesses to hobbyists and independent small business owners.

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  • Why Advanced Printers Need to Use Baselayr Complete Emulsion and How to Use It
    May 5, 2021 Jacelyn Wedman

    Why Advanced Printers Need to Use Baselayr Complete Emulsion and How to Use It

    Advanced screen printers. High production print shops. We’re talking to you. If you’re pushing the limits of your emulsion, check out Baselayr Complete. Wondering how it'll work in your screen print shop? Screen printing expert Colin Huggins addresses what kind of darkroom you need for this emulsion, guidelines for coating screens, and tips for capturing even more detail. 
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  • a close up of a star design burned in emulsion
    May 3, 2021 Sage Larson

    What is the Purpose of Emulsion Hardener?

    Ever had a stencil break down during production? It sucks. Unless you have backup screens ready, production will come to a halt. Your time is valuable. For jobs that need tougher screens, use emulsion hardener to save you time and money.
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  • person pushing a squeegee
    April 30, 2021 Colin Huggins

    How to Choose the Proper Squeegee Blade Durometer

    Some squeegees are harder, some feel softer. Why is that? Squeegees have different durometers. Durometers measure the hardness of the blades. Specific print jobs require harder or softer blades. Let's learn about the different durometers, their uses, and how to maintain them.
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