IC Quick Transfer Additive for Plastisol Ink - Quart


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The 500 Quick-Trans Additive will convert any of International Coatings' Multipurpose or 700 Series plastisol inks to hot split or hot peel transfer inks.
Add to Multipurpose or 700 Series plastisols to convert those inks to hot split or hot peel transfer inks. The recommended ratios are: By volume, 1 part additive to 3 parts ink. By weight, 1 part additive to 4 parts ink. Thoroughly mix the additive into the ink. The addition of more additive than prescribed will increase the ease of transfer release after heat sealing. Excessive amounts of additive will reduce the opacity of the mixed ink. Shelf life of mixed ink is indefinite when stored in a cool area. See product bulletin 500LF Quick-Trans Additive for more information.

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