Riley Hopkins Low Rider JR Space Saver Screen Printing Package


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The LowRider Jr. Package combines a press and conveyor dryer in the same area by placing the dryer directly under the press. It's a great space saver and with an 11'+ belt and 3300 watts of IR heat, the dryer cures more than 150 shirts an hour so you don't give up production speed. The LowRider Jr. Package is a great way to break into the screen printing business. This professional grade equipment will last you a lifetime and pay for itself time and time again.

If you are working out of your garage, your entire printer/dryer system will take up only one car's worth of space. Since this package also comes on 4 lockable wheels, you can move the system around to where you need it as well as allowing you to roll the unit into your van or trailer for on-site event printing.

This Kit Includes:

  • Riley Hopkins® 6-color, 4-station WIN Series Press
  • 18" x 18" Riley Hopkins® Flash Dryer

  • LowRider Jr. Conveyor Dryer
  • 25" x 36" Exposure Unit
  • KDL Washout Booth
  • Supply Kit
  • Ink Kit
  • Sgreen Green Chemical Kit

Riley Hopkins® 6 Color 4 Station Printing Press

The Riley Hopkins press with joystick registration is the most user friendly and affordable press on the market. It allows you to set up multi-color jobs without the hassle of adjusting micro registration. It's the most advanced registration on the screen printing market and allows you to register with greater speed while having terrific control over tight adjustments.

Features and Benefits
  • Joystick micro registration
  • 4 - 16"x16" wood platens with neck
  • Independently rotating heads and print stations
  • Low drag tapered roller bearings
  • Cast and machined 356 air craft grade aluminum heat treated to T-6 hardness
  • Arrives partially assembled and will fit through standard doors
  • Rotates in a 6' - 7' work circle
  • 23" screen width capacity
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Riley Hopkins 18" x 18" Flash Dryer

This 18" x 18" version features over 2243 watts of power. The flash dryer is simply and effectively constructed to ensure the least amount of problems and the longest lifespan. It has a 10’ power cord with a plug, stand and casters for easy maneuverability around the shop.

The Riley Flash does have an indicator light and an on/off switch. This dryer comes with a 3 year warranty against electrical component failure and a 20 amp plug that needs a 20 amp outlet receptacle for power.

25" x 36" Aluminum Exposure Unit

Features and Benefits
  • Expose the finest detail possible and give yourself the ability to print halftones
  • 240 watts of unfiltered UV power
  • 25" x 36" 8 bulb unit
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum construction
  • Includes a 3" foam pad
  • 3 year warranty

KDL Washout Booth

This sink confines the mess of screen preparation, image wash out and reclaiming to reduce contamination in your shop.

Features and Benefits
  • Made of strong and durable quarter inch polypropylene
  • Welded main pan ensures a quality seal and no leaks
  • Built-in screen supports
  • Threaded drain hole makes it easy to plumb
  • The semi-transparent back panel makes it easy to backlight
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • KDL booths are manufactured by Blackline or Chemical Consultants

Film Output Supplies and AccuRip Software

This Kit Includes
  • Epson 1430 Film Output Printer
  • 6 Cartridges of BlackMAX Black ink for the Epson 1430
  • Epson 1400/ 1430 chip resetter
  • AccuRIP - software, crisp halftones, perfect registration
  • Rite Film - 100 13" x 19" sheets

Complete Product and Chemical Kit

  • 6: 110 mesh aluminum screens 20" x 24"
  • 6: 156 mesh aluminum screens 20" x 24"
  • 6: 230 mesh aluminum screens 20" x 24"
  • 2 Plastisol Inks - Wilflex Epic Lava Ink - (Gallons of Lava Low Bleed White and Lava Black)
  • 10 Plastisol Inks - Wilflex Epic Lava Ink - (Quarts of Lava Royal Blue, Lava Golden Yellow, Lava Orange, Lava Purple, Lava Red, Lava Lime Green, Lava Lemon Yellow, Lava Teal, Lava Light Blue, Lava Pink and Lava Kelly Green)
  • 2 Water Based Inks - Green Galaxy Ink (Quarts of Pitch Black and Neptune Blue)
  • 1 quart Curable Reducer
  • Pantone Mixing Book
  • AWS Digital Mixing Scale (2000 gram capacity)
  • 20 Quart containers for mixing
  • 1 Ryonet temperature gun
  • 1 can Screen Clean
  • 6 gallon goop scoops
  • 6 rolls screen tape
  • 6 - 15" squeegees
  • 1 - 16" scoop coater
  • 1 light safe bulb
  • 10 ink cards for cleaning screens
  • 1 roll of 18" x 100' platen protect tape
  • 100 white test squares
  • 100 black test squares
  • How to Screen Print Digital Playlist
Chemical Kit Includes
  • 1 gallon Ryonet WBP Dual Cure Emulsion
  • 1 gallon Ryonet Textile Press Wash
  • 1 quart Envirowash
  • 8 oz. Ryonet Emulsion Remover (concentrate)
  • 1 qt. Green Stuff
  • 8 oz. Green Hand Cleaner
  • 1 can Ryonet Spray Mist
  • 1 gallon Spot remover with Ryonet Spot Gun
  • 8 oz. Red Block-Out
  • 3 chemical resistant spray heads
  • 1 chemical resistant spray bottle
  • 3 chemical resistant scrub brushes

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