ROQ Dry Eco Quartz Flash Dryer

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The ROQ Dry Eco Quartz Flash is designed to complement any ROQ Automatic Screen Printing Press, it connects directly to the machine’s system to power the flash and communicate dwell time for efficient production. Functioning in synchronization with the press’s other functions. The ROQ Dry Eco Quartz Flash is uniquely designed to be placed under an existing print head, allowing you to use your automatic press with more versatility. The ROQ Dry Eco Quartz Flash is perfect for the ROQ You, Eco and Oval models and the special effects flock and foil options that are available for the ROQ.

"I like that it plugs right in my press, and there is more than one spot you can plug it in at! You can turn it on and off in three different zones as needed and to top it all off it fits under any arm so, no need for an empty flash spot and it's very pretty of course :)"

– Sasan, One In A Million

  • Special medium wave length quartz lamps for extremely fast heat up.
  • Airflow keeps flash cool and is great for plastisol or water base inks.
  • Complete integrated operation with ROQ Automatic Presses.
  • Host (press) commands for on/off. No prox sensors to fail.
  • Both convection and radiant heat transfer to pallets.
  • Selectable heating "zones."
  • Models available from 9,000 Watts to over 25,000 Watts.
  • Available in 1 phase and 3 phase.

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