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Does creating artwork make you want to pull out your hair? Unless you're a graphic designer, creating artwork for clients is a challenge. Vectorizing and color separations? Uffda. What should take a few hours ends up taking days to figure out the design and make it print ready. 

Or maybe you simply do not have the time to create artwork. You have a small team and your time needs to be spent on fulfilling orders. If there was a way to pass off the artwork creation and setup to someone else, you would. 

We hear you, printers. That's why we're pumped to announce the launch of our new digital art services., powered by GraphX Source, will help you with your art that needs to be vectorized, color separated, or digitized, and get it back quickly and print-ready at a reasonable price.


Client gives you a rough idea of what they want printed or offer a crappy image of the design? No need to sweat. 

Send in a sketch...

And you'll get a rad, print-ready design!

How rad is that? No matter how simple or complex a design may be, you can send it in and the team will have high-quality, print-ready artwork right back to you.

I bet you're curious about the pricing. It's a good thing to know because you can include the cost of the service in your pricing for your client. The cost of the service depends on the level of difficulty and how fast you need the artwork to be completed. Let's look at some numbers.

    If a design needs to be reworked, the charge for that is $16. Overall, not bad. These prices can easily be worked in your pricing for your clients. Throw a few Jacksons, get amazing artwork that'll make your customers come back to you for all of their print jobs. 


    Do you have a client that has a complex, 8-color print? Take a deep breath, we got your back. Send in the design. A graphic design expert will meticulously separate each color and get it back to you at lightning speed. Print your transparencies and you're off!

    Would you want to color separate a design like this? Photo by Branson Screen Printing.

    Imagine how much time you'll save by sending off your colorful designs for someone else to separate it. It's mind-boggling. Interested? Let's get the prices. 

    Process Color

    • One Day: $75
    • Two Days: $65
    • Three Days: $55

    Simulated Color

    • One Day: $85
    • Two Days: $75
    • Three Days: $65

    Spot Color

    • One Day: $25
    • Two Days: $20
    • Three Days: $15

    Other Costs (Flat Rate)

    • Critical Rush: $25
    • Rework Charge: $20
    • Vector Redraw: $20
    • Pre-Halftoned Files: $15

    Again, it's pretty affordable. Think about how much time you'd take to separate the colors of your design and how much you get paid in an hour. Yeah, it's definitely a time and money saver to have a design expert whip it out for you. 


    This is for our embroidery friends. Send in your design and the team will break down the design, map out the stitches, define stitch count and thread colors, etc. 

    Alright, let's look at the prices so you can figure out your budget. It's important to note that sew out is included.

    100-29,999 Stitches

    • One Day: $6 per thousand stitches
    • Two Days: $5.50 per thousand stitches 
    • Three Days: $5 per thousand stitches

    29,999-49,999 Stitches

    • One Day: $149
    • Two Days: $149
    • Three Days: $149

    49,999-69,999 Stitches

    • One Day: $249
    • Two Days: $249
    • Three Days: $249

    69,999+ Stitches

    • One Day: $299
    • Two Days: $299
    • Three Days: $299

    The minimum charge is $10. If something needs to be reworked, the charge is $10. An additional fabric charge is $5.50. 


    Ready to get started? It's incredibly simple.

    1. Make an account on
    2. Go to your dashboard.
    3. Pick which service you need.
    4. Fill out the form (it asks for lots of specifics like dimensions, color schemes, special instructions, etc.)
    5. Choose the date you need it by.
    6. You're all set!

    See? It's not painful. You have a design created, separated, and print-ready in the matter of days. The service won't drain your savings, and it's low-cost expenses can easily be built in your customers' quotes. You owe it to yourself to save time and money. Pass off your artwork to, and we'll take care of you.

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