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Change the Impression

There is something special about the color green when it comes to screen printers. It brought life to what was once a very dull industry, united the synergies of creativity, art, and production, and created a culture of innovative entrepreneurial shops changing the game with every print. The truth is, when you decide to ROQ, you’re not just getting a great press that will help you succeed, you’re joining a movement of printers all over the world that are doing big things together, help each other, and are better together!

This summer, we’d like to invite you to the mothership, the small town in northern portugal where it all began. Amidst the rolling hills, wineries, castles, and country feel sits the headquarters of ROQ (S.ROQUE International!). A company who’s innovative manufacturing and products have propelled it to be the fastest growing company in its region expanding from just 2 buildings in 2012 when it opened in the US market, to 9 buildings today.

On this journey our goal is 3 fold!

  1. Explore ROQ’s manufacturing method and learn about the future and Next generation of equipment, capabilities, and solutions to help your roadmap develop.
  2. Dive on press in the ROQ Printlab to learn innovative ink and print techniques which will give you unique market position and increase your efficiencies.
  3. Build the developing culture of screen printers as we learn, eat, drink, explore, and enjoy northern Portugal together.

After our time in Portugal you’re invited to join us at the world's largest Textile Show ITMA in Barcelona where we will dive even more into new digital print technology and see what the big world of textile has to offer the t-shirt industry.

If you’re up for an adventure and hungry to learn I hope to see you this summer in Portugal! Find out more details here.

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