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The real strength of ROQ is the relentless dedication to finding solutions; whether those are modifications to products, creating or innovating a new engineering solution, or any other type of need presented. It is in this field that ROQ stands out: seeking and implementing solutions. With over 30 years of accumulated know-how, ROQ is in a unique position to develop, innovate, and present to the whole world any solution in the field of textile printing.

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ROQ Positive Registration Unit - U-Clamp System

$3,595Retail Price

ROQ Positive Registration Unit - Pin System

$3,595Retail Price

ROQ Flock F4060 Automatic Flocking Station

$29,995Retail Price

ROQ Press Foil Automatic Heatpress Station and Foil Application

$34,994.99Retail Price

ROQ Cool Automatic Cooler Attachment

$2,000Retail Price

ROQ Press Iron Automatic Attachment

$5,500Retail Price

ROQ Automatic Press Lube by Fuchs

$35.99Retail Price

ROQ Automatic Press Lube by VDM

$19.99Retail Price

FoldR Automatic T-Shirt Folding Machine

$10,995Retail Price

ROQ Compatible Cool450 19" Automatic Cooler Attachment

$599.99 $699.99   14% Off Retail Price

Douthitt WAX CTS30 w / Xitron Rip Package

$57,995Retail Price