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In the heart of the vibrant community of Orange, California, lies Casa Lulo a screen printing studio with a story as unique as the prints it creates. Founded by the self-taught screen printer Johana, this studio is a testament to the power of creativity, positivity, and the power of connecting with your local community.

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Johana’s journey into the world of screen printing was a serendipitous one. It all began when a friend asked if she could store a printing press in her garage. Little did she know that this seemingly simple favor would ignite her passion for screen printing. From that very first try, Johana says she was hooked. "Screen printing isn't just a way of income for me but a way of distress, I can easily get lost for hours, plus nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing my designs in other people."

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Like many business owners, the name holds a special significance for Johana who originally hails from Columbia. Casa Lulo not only honors her cultural heritage but also embodies the warmth and positivity that radiate from her unique creations. "LULO is actually a tropical fruit in Colombia, and I wanted to incorporate something into the name that would connect me to my roots."

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Moving from a garage to a dedicated storefront and studio space has been a pivotal step in Johana's journey. Having a physical store has allowed her to showcase her hand-printed designs to a wider audience, but it's not just about selling products. Johana revels in the opportunity to engage with customers and share the intricacies of her sustainable screen printing process. "Having a front store has helped me put my product in front of more people. But, my favorite part is actually talking and explaining the process of screen printing to people as they shop, I also love giving the opportunity to customers to try it themselves which brings an incredible shopping experience."

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Johana's mission goes beyond creating beautiful prints; it's about spreading positivity and kindness. She firmly believes that these virtues can make a profound difference in our lives and the world around us. Through her prints, she hopes to inspire others to be good to themselves, the planet, and each other. Casa Lulo isn't just a studio; it's a hub of good vibes and a catalyst for positive change.


For those aspiring to create a community like the one Johana has cultivated at Casa Lulo, her advice is simple yet profound: be authentic. In a world filled with mass-produced goods, authenticity, and genuine passion resonate with people. Casa Lulo is a testament to the power of being real, and it's a community that continues to grow because of it.

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When asked what she might do differently if she could start over, Johana humbly admits that she'd open her shop a lot sooner. It's a testament to her unwavering passion for her craft and the joy she derives from sharing it with others. For Johana, Casa Lulo is not just a business; it's a dream realized and you can see it in the beautifully thoughtful space she’s created in her brick-and-mortar. If you find yourself in Orange, California, make sure to take the time to visit Casa Lulo, talk shop with Johana, and do some shopping!

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