At Ryonet, we hold a profound belief in the mastery of screen printing as an art form and business venture. We are absolutely thrilled to share that our October 2023 Screen Print Experience class exceeded all expectations, marking a triumphant return after a three-year hiatus. The in-person class stands as the original and remains a top choice for those dedicated to learning the art of screen printing in the apparel industry. Our commitment to offering the finest screen printing experience, complete with hands-on learning, extends from your very first print to the mastery of advanced techniques. Join us as we take you inside our highly successful two-day adventure, marking our return to the world of in-person screen printing education.


First and foremost, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all our attendees, some of whom traveled from as far as Connecticut, Oklahoma, and Seattle, to our local participants. Your dedication to mastering screen printing made our class an unforgettable experience. We'd also like to give a huge shout-out to the one and only Colin Huggins, for sharing his extensive expertise and contributing to the camaraderie of the class. His passion and guidance to the industry were instrumental in the students' growth. Behind the scenes, our team's exceptional teamwork and dedication ensured flawless facility preparation, with meticulous attention to every detail, including cleanliness, the organization of class-utilized areas, support staff for print training, as well as tasty food and drinks for refreshments.


Man teaching a student screen printing


Through hands-on training, our students discovered the magic of turning a blank t-shirt canvas into a vibrant work of art. From the moment they stepped through the door, our students were greeted with a burst of creativity, screen printing what was for some, their very first screen print ever. Following this, we allotted time for introductions, fostering connections, building a sense of community, and creating networking opportunities. With this foundation laid, we dived headfirst into an immersive learning experience, covering a comprehensive array of topics. Our goal was to equip our students with the knowledge and skills essential for their journey toward becoming successful screen printers and industry business owners.

Person teaching print class


Preparing artwork for screen printing using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, understanding RIP Software, training in dark room setup and exposure, reclaiming and coating screens, proper emulsion usage, mesh counts, pre-press & on-press setup, multi-color registration, printing techniques, printing with plastisol and waterbased inks, business and marketing overview, printing on a ROQ automatic, and so much more!


What truly set this class apart was the sense of community that blossomed. We witnessed friendships form, as students shared their knowledge and learned from each other. The smiles, laughter, and camaraderie filled the room, making it an unforgettable experience for all. With each print, they mastered new techniques and discovered the endless possibilities the screen printing industry has to offer. Some students even took advantage of the opportunity to purchase the equipment at a discount uniquely offered to attendees. Meet Brian Garcia – hailing from Seattle, Washington, Brian and his family currently run a demolition company in Seattle, but they're eager for a transition into the world of screen printing and all the opportunities it has to offer. He attended our October class and found the hands-on experience with the presses truly exciting. What Brian cherished the most was the opportunity to learn from our seasoned professionals in the field. "I think the most beneficial part, compared to online courses, is that you're able to actually have people with tons of experience in this industry and years of screen printing, just even seeing them set up presses and do all the work, you're able to learn."


As we reflect on the success of our recent class, we're already excited about what the future holds. The sense of creativity, unity, and shared passion for screen printing was truly inspiring. Join us on this incredible journey of in-person training in our upcoming classes! Our Ryonet headquarters team boasts an impressive 100 years of combined experience in the screen printing industry, and we've distilled this wealth of knowledge into a foundational class, providing you with an unparalleled advantage in your screen printing endeavors. Beyond the class, our commitment to students continues with free 1-on-1 Guidance sessions to address specific needs that arise. Some students even took advantage of the opportunity to purchase the equipment at a discount, uniquely offered to attendees. Additionally, we offer a variety of online courses, allowing for flexible learning at your own pace for getting started and/or continuing education. Click here to register for our upcoming in-person SPE in November, December, February, and March!

Screen print experience