The Rise of Press Or Dye Print Studio | A Golden Press Studio Podcast  |

Golden Press Studio met up with the awesome duo at Press Or Dye Print Studio for their latest podcast, and we know you’ll want to see this one! Chainsaw Betty and Ashley Stone, the founders of Press or Dye, have built an impressive print shop where they screen print the raddest apparel. If you haven’t yet seen their awesome shop and prints, you’ll definitely want to see this inspiring episode in Golden Press's 12th podcast episode.

They go into detail of the Press or Dye start up, their custom tie-dye, and how they developed a niche market. The super cool ladies of Press or Dye’s commitment to artistry and quality has not only defined their success but also inspired a new wave of creativity in custom apparel so don't miss this podcast episode with Golden Press for some hard-core print wisdom and inspiration!