Inside the World of Hisway Press or Print  |

In the realm of business, the story of Hisway Press or Print stands out as a testament to resilience and adaptability. From humble beginnings to expanding horizons, this company has journeyed through ups and downs, all while maintaining a strong commitment to its partners and customers. Join us on a journey through the fascinating story behind Hisway Press or Print, delving into the heart and soul of this remarkable venture.

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At Hisway Press or Print, the workplace is more than just a setting for professional duties—it's a haven of camaraderie and shared history. Sadrac explains, “We’ve all known each other for many years, even before we began working together. Gilly was part of my youth group when he was a teenager. I first met Roman during his teenage years when he volunteered for a community service event we organized. DQ, also known as 300, is not only my brother-in-law but also my neighbor.” 

Meet the Team:
Sadrac: Supervisor, Embroidery Specialist, Sign Application Specialist
Paul: Designer, Screen Printer
David: Sign Installer, Sticker Control Specialist
Gilly: Photographer/Videographer, Social Content Creator, Screen Printer

Their team members have long-standing relationships that go beyond work, which sincerely builds unity and trust creating a harmonious work environment where every team member feels valued. "It’s important to me that our team enjoys coming to work and values their working relationships, while also keeping in mind our goal of building a successful business," says Sadrac. The camaraderie among the team isn't just a workplace perk; it's a cornerstone of their success and their close-knit atmosphere remains a driving force in their journey, a testament to the power of genuine relationships in the world of business.


Screen with image about coffee ready to print


Hisway meticulously assesses every stage of an order, from the initial inquiry to the final product, to ensure top-notch customer service. Sadrac says, “The objective is to pinpoint areas for errors and implement safeguards to reduce such mistakes but one safeguard I plan on implementing is having a secondary check at every stage of a shirt order. This initiative will enable us to guarantee a positive ordering experience for our partners and instill confidence in the quality of our products as they leave our shop.” 

Sadrac knows very well the details and processes required to provide top-notch customer service. This focus on quality control guarantees a positive experience for their partners, and Sadrac even shared his own recent experience with customer service from Ryonet. “So, this is a funny story. So, yes, the weld on one of the [press] arms broke and we did not think much of it; I thought it was time to get a new one, just standard wear and tear. I posted this on our Instagram story being funny as we always do, showing the raw behind-the-scenes, and said, ‘Riley Hopkins Send Help.’ I continued to print on the one arm we had left. Not even 30 minutes had gone by when we received a phone call from Darryl over at Riley Hopkins expressing his concern and assured us that they stand 100% behind their products and would start the process of getting that carousel replaced because it was still under warranty. We really did not expect to hear from anyone from their team concerning this situation but we were sure glad that we did. In the end, it just really assured us that we can buy Riley Hopkins products with confidence.”


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Social media plays a vital role in Hisway Press or Print's customer interaction strategy and they’re really good at creating entertaining, yet informative content for their audience. “Engagement is the cornerstone of crafting our online persona, and it's through this active interaction that our partners come to understand that the image they encounter on social media accurately reflects our real-life identity. So, when someone walks into the shop for the first time, we are not complete strangers to them because they have gotten to know us through social media. They feel more comfortable sharing their vision for their brand and what they are trying to accomplish and because of that we have seen a great return from our partners.”

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Adaptability is key to growth, and Hisway has proven this with its transition to screen printing. Sadrac shared that, "The most significant factor driving our growth has been the implementation of screen printing.” Instead of outsourcing their printing they’ve brought the process in-house and have not only saved a ton on costs but also enhanced their overall efficiency. This strategic decision has indeed been a game-changer for their business.

Hisway has learned firsthand that constraints can spark creativity, and this belief has become a driving force in their journey. Sadrac shared that he heard this on a podcast one day: “Limitations will force you to be creative, and I believe that is so true."

Their story is a testament to the power of creativity in the face of limitations. Even as they've outgrown their current press, they've embraced this challenge, finding creative solutions to manage their full workload. Sadrac explained it this way, “We’ve had to learn to be creative with the number of colors our press is able to print in order to not turn down jobs. Lately, we have been slammed and had to come in on different shifts just to make sure the press keeps running in order to meet deadlines. We know we're not going to be like this forever, so there is beauty in every struggle. But for now, we will make it work.”

Printed t-shirt that says "coffee for all y'all"


For now, Hisway is operating their sign shop, screen printing, and embroidery all inside a small shop space. The future holds exciting prospects though, as Sadrac puts it, "What truly excites us about the future is our ongoing search for a larger facility." 

They aim to create a clear separation between the front office and the working area, providing partners with an opportunity to see and feel the quality of their work. “Our vision is that when our partners step into our establishment, they will immediately encounter an array of printed garments on display. This hands-on experience will not only allow them to see the quality of our work but also to feel the garments, instilling confidence in the products they are choosing.” 

As the story of Hisway Press or Print continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the power of dedication to adaptability, creativity, and building lasting relationships in the world of business. Their journey is a testament that even in challenging times, the possibilities for growth and expansion are truly endless.