Key Takeaways from the Print Hustlers Conference 2023  |

The Print Hustlers Conference in Newport Beach was more than just a gathering; it was a hub of inspiration and learning for everyone in the apparel decoration industry. Here's a recap of the key moments and insights from the event:

Embracing Change and Growth

Personally, this felt like the overall theme. From start to finish embracing change felt like a common thread for success at this year's conference. Keynote speaker Nigel Barker's journey from model to accomplished photographer, to "America’s Next Top Model" judge, and then to a successful entrepreneur was a testament to the dynamic shifts required in our industry. His story, along with others, showcased the blend of creativity, technology, innovation, tradition, and evolution that keeps the world of print shops vibrant and fascinating.

Nigel Barker Speaker at Print Hustler 2023SPEAKER AT PRINT HUSLTER

Broadening Our Understanding

The educational sessions opened our eyes to new possibilities. Steven Farag's "Everyday Integrations" provided practical insights into using technology to enhance business operations. Michelle Moxley's exploration of AI in apparel decoration highlighted the transformative impact of tech in our field. Additionally, Jeffrey Paul's focus on operational efficiency and Kesney Muhammed's insights into streamlining sales offered fresh perspectives and actionable strategies for shops big and small.

Kesney Muhammed Presenter at Print Hustler 2023

Shaping the Future

A major highlight was the emphasis on innovation. The user summit on the first day dove head-first into Printavo, InkSoft, and Graphics Flow from Inktavo, shedding light on the latest technological advancements. These discussions were not just theoretical; they were about real-time developments in software that many of us use daily, underlining the theme of continuous innovation.


Building Connections

Networking emerged as a vital component of the conference. The interactions during coffee breaks and the shared insights in sessions weren't just about making contacts; they were about building a community of professionals dedicated to excellence and growth in our industry.


Looking Ahead

As the conference concluded, I left with a wealth of new ideas and a renewed sense of direction for this industry. The Print Hustlers Conference 2023 was an invaluable experience, the insights gained here have set the stage for what's next, and I eagerly anticipate the next conference in Cleveland for 2024.



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