Shirt Show Interviews Lee Stuart | Round 2  |

Lee recently sat down with Shirt Show Podcast in a second round of discussion for their 187th episode of Shirt Show and you won't want to miss this one! Co-hosted by Andy Rudman of Shirt Kong, and Dylan Gilligan of Upstate Merch, this energizing episode of the Shirt Show podcast, Lee dives into a range of topics from the thrill of printmaking competitions to the challenges and rewards of expanding a business and team. He also sheds light on the importance of continuous learning through educational videos and courses, shares his plans for the future, and smart risk-taking.

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Lee’s been redefining what it means to be a screen printer since 2018. His YouTube channel, a gold mine of knowledge for screen printers, is a perfect reminder that if you blend your passion with your craft, you can revolutionize an industry. This philosophy is exemplified in his collaboration with Ryonet, resulting in the Riley Hopkins 250 Lee Stuart Edition Screen Printing Combo.

This is a beautiful press, a reflection of Lee's bold, efficient, and unapologetic style. With its sleek gloss black finish and robust metal components, this press speaks to Lee's attention to detail and his commitment to quality. It's designed for printers who, like Lee, start from their garages or basements but dream big. The ergonomic EZ Grip — Lee Stuart Edition part of the Lee Stuart Signature Series Kit, are another testament to his approach – blending comfort with efficiency. 

Riley Hopkins 250 Lee Stuart Edition Screen Printing Combo

If you're not following him already, you can find Lee on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube here, and make sure to sign up for Base Camp! He recently paired up with the legend, Ryan Moor to address challenges of printing a perfect underbase. Register here to get notified when Base Camp launches online and take command of your underbase! Happy Printing!

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