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Screen printing is as much about innovation as it is about precision. We recently put the new Screen Printer Starter Press to the test with a challenging 8-color print. 

Our mission was a bit ambitious...to see just how many colors we could manage with this new press. We aimed high with 8 colors, but quickly realized you could possibly get away with 12, 15, or even 20 colors. Obviously this isn't ideal for a production run, but the proof of concept IS there!

Watching the Design Come AliveMan looks at print on the Screen Printer Starter Press

Implementing multiple colors involves more than just aesthetic considerations—it requires strategic order and timing, especially when managing flash cures between layers. This careful approach helps preserve the clarity and vibrancy of each color.

Japanese Samurai Oni surrounded by cherry blossoms printed on a white shirt

The highlight of this process was watching the design—a dynamic Japanese Samurai Oni surrounded by cherry blossoms—come to life on the shirt. Which can be said about any screen print, really.


Transitioning Between Light and Dark Fabrics

After our success with printing on white, we moved on to darker garments, a true test of the press’s ability to lay a consistent underbase and align it accurately with the top colors. The result was a sharp, vibrant print that stood out beautifully against the darker garment. 

Japanese Samurai Oni surrounded by cherry blossoms printed on a black shirt

Final Thoughts - A Press That Meets the Challenge

Our testing session left us with not only some stunning prints but also a deep appreciation for the capabilities of the Screen Printer Starter Press.  It proved to be a top-notch press that is incredibly capable, and holds detail beyond expectations. 

Whether you're an experienced printer or just starting out, pushing your equipment to its limits is key to developing skills and sparking creativity. And remember, we're here to support you every step of the way!

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