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We partnered with Printavo to offer an exclusive on-demand webinar: “Where in the World is Profit in the Printing Industry?”

WATCH NOW: https://bit.ly/Ryonet

Co-host & MBA student, Nick Gawreluk, traveled the world to understand profitability in the printing industry. Countless planes, trains, and automobile trips later, he developed crucial pointers and started a company dedicated to empowering printers to print profitably. Learn Nick’s key takeaways from a wild global journey and practical methods you can implement in your print shop.

In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The challenges our industry faces with costs, pricing, and profitability
  • His MBA thesis on a much more simplified and practical framework for these factors
  • Lessons learned from putting the thesis to work across Europe and the United States
  • How to implement these steps at your shop

WATCH NOW: https://bit.ly/Ryonet


headshot of Nick Gawreluk

Nick Gawreluk, founder of Print Profit, a company dedicated to helping secure the future of the industry by empowering printers to print profitably. He brings a wealth of business knowledge to the webinar with an international background of working for some of the largest equipment manufacturers and printing companies in the industry.

bruce ackerman

Bruce Ackerman, former print shop owner and founder of Printavo, an Inktavo company. Printavo helps shop owners organize and grow their shops with best-in-class shop management software.