Welcome to the assembly instructions for the Riley Hopkins Multi-Station & Single Station Screen Printing Press Cart. In the following steps, we will guide you through the process of setting up your cart to ensure smooth and efficient screen printing operations. Watch the video, view the assembly instructions, and follow along to assemble your press cart. 

View the Assembly Manual Here


  • 7/16" wrench
  • Large pliers or crescent wrench
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Tape measure


Attach the lower side crossbars to the uprights in the four mounting points shown below. Ensure that you are attaching the crossbar that has the threaded inserts at this step. The uprights can be installed on both the left- and right-hand sides.


Attach the upper side crossbars to the uprights in the four mounting points shown below. Ensure that you are attaching the crossbar that DOES NOT have threaded inserts at this step.


Attach the screen holding slats. It is recommended to install one slat at a time to ensure you have ample room to install hardware. Start the slat installation with a hand screwdriver. Hold the lock nut in place with your finger until it is snug and grabs the metal. Once the nut no longer moves freely, fully tighten the screws. Repeat steps 1-3 for the opposite side panel.


Attach the upper and lower front and rear crossbars in the four mounting locations. This part is used in all four locations. Your cart will have extra hole cutouts in the parts that can be used for attachments that can be purchased separately.

NOTE: Not all holes are used during standard cart assembly.


Attach the lower support gussets with ¼” hardware. Install the 3/8 wing nut onto the leveling foot as shown. Then install the leveling foot into the corner threaded hole of the cart. Once the cart is in its final upright position you can level the cart to your floor. Once the cart does not wobble, lock the wing nuts to hold the leveling feet in place.


With the cart frame upside down, set the cart onto the two-piece tabletop. Use the center marks on the side crossbars to center the pieces from front to back. Use the side panels to center them right to left. Attach both pieces around the perimeter of the frame as shown.

An upside-down image of a multi-station screen cart showing where to align the tabletop to the cart


Install the tabletop connection plate in the center of the seam of the two top panels. Use the center marks on the connection plate to center the two pieces. Your cart is now completed. Flip the cart into an upright position and calibrate the leveling feet for a stable printing surface.


The press cart can easily convert to a moveable utility cart for print jobs or other shop uses. Simply remove the leveling feet from the threaded holes in the cart. Install the casters with spacers in its place.

NOTE: It is NOT recommended to use the wheels for tabletop press printing. They will reduce the stability of the printing surface.

View the Assembly Manual Here