Stahl's heat presses are some of the most reliable and versatile machines for heat transfer applications. These machines offer a range of features that make them ideal for use in various industries such as fashion, sports, and home décor. In this post, we'll take a closer look at some of the key features of Stahl's heat presses.

Precision temperature control: Stahl's heat presses offer precise temperature control, allowing users to adjust the heat output to suit their specific application needs. This feature is particularly important for heat transfer applications that require accurate temperature control to prevent scorching or burning.

Digital time and pressure display: Stahl's heat presses feature a digital display that shows both the time and pressure, making it easy to monitor the machine's operation. This feature also allows users to set the time and pressure for each transfer, ensuring consistent results.

Interchangeable platens: Stahl's heat presses come with interchangeable platens that can be easily swapped out to accommodate different sizes and shapes of substrates. This feature is particularly useful for those working with a variety of items, such as t-shirts, hats, and bags.

Auto-opening function: Stahl's heat presses feature an auto-opening function that allows the machine to automatically open once the transfer is complete. This feature is particularly useful for high-volume applications, as it allows users to quickly move on to the next transfer without having to wait for the machine to cool down.

Over-the-center pressure distribution: Stahl's heat presses feature a patented over-the-center pressure distribution system that ensures even pressure distribution across the entire platen. This feature is particularly useful for achieving consistent results across a large transfer area.


Stahl's heat presses are reliable, versatile machines that offer a range of features that make them ideal for use in a variety of industries. Whether you're working with t-shirts, hats, or bags, Stahl's heat presses are a reliable and efficient choice for your heat transfer needs.